What Free Bets Can I Get

Free bets online? Almost everything that comes next to the word “frees “sounds good, right? It is immediately attractive to your pocket. And if you don’t have much experience in this online betting, maybe at this moment you are wondering what is behind the so-called Big Free Bets, if it is a myth, a mere advertising claim that hides something strange behind, or if perhaps it is an offer that you are foolishly wasting because of distrust of the word of mouth.

Free online betting bonuses, especially those without deposit, are not usually offered as a welcome promotion at sports betting houses, but rather as specific or periodic promotions to promote certain events or parties of interest.

Do not try to memorize, therefore, which houses have these types of bonds to ignore the rest. You will have to be attentive to the promotions that are going out in each house in which you are registered, or sign up for a new one that you know that has such promotions. Sometimes you will receive the promotion notice by e-mail, but not always, so do not forget to pay attention to what moves around in terms of offers and bonuses.

Free bets online: What are they?

You will hear and read about them with different names: free bets, free bets, free bet bonuses, free bets and much more; and the claim is obvious: look, here we give you this so that you bet with our money, not yours…

Sounds good, right?

Well, you already know what free bets are online: a claim from the bookmakers to register on their portal, to bet on a certain event or simply to reward your loyalty. Now, what do they have to offer us?

Any bonus with which you give a house can be considered, to some extent, as a free bet, if we enter the advertising game that implies. After all, a bonus is an extra amount that you can spend under certain conditions.

But the so-called free online bets as such are characterized by being an amount X that the house offers you to spend on bets, with the peculiarity that then, when you have already bet it, you will only swell your balance with the winnings, not with that amount X that they have given you.

How to get free bets online

We are not going to fool ourselves, there is a lot of competition between betting websites, and although the odds do not differ much between them, one of the main tools they have to get you as a customer are promotions. You will understand then that the claim of free bets is one of the most attractive and used by operators. Well, better for you, right?

What happens is that online betting houses do not usually offer free betting bonuses as welcome promotion and if they do it is as part of the welcome package. That is, they usually opt for other types of bonuses that potentially offer more extra money for bets.

It is more frequent that betting websites offer their registered user’s free online bets as a promotion to bet on a particular event of interest. Sometimes you will see these promotions publicized on a banner of the betting website, or in the promotions section, but there are also cases where the house itself will notify you by email as part of a more or less personalized loyalty promotion.