Jeanie Buss isn’t going to sell the Lakers

The Buss family bought the Lakers about 40 years ago. Jeanie Buss assures that she has no intentions to sell the team neither in the near future nor in the far future because of increasing profits and potential.

Selling the Lakers isn’t in Jeanie Buss’s plans

Jerry Buss bought the Lakers 40 years ago. The Buss family owns the team now, and its value is about $3.3 billion according to 2018 statistics. According to Jeanie Buss, selling the Lakers isn’t something in her plans. She claims that she can always cash out on profits and leave the basketball business behind. However, Buss has no interest in taking this step. If you want to predict a future performance of the Lakers, use PinUp.

This asset is in a trust, and Jeanie Buss is the one responsible for overseeing it. Besides, there are beneficiaries (all of her siblings). If they will decide to sell the Lakers one day, this decision will be made by all of them.

According to NBA rules, the team has only one controlling owner who is in charge to make all the important decisions. However, Jeanie Buss is focused on building strong relationships with her family. She often discusses with other family members if they’re happy with the direction of the Lakers, connections with broadcast partners, and other things essential for running the team.

This fruitful partnership has lasted for 40 years, and there’s no reason why it may end soon. Rumors about Jeanie Buss selling the Lakers are far from being true.

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