Wheels of Fortune Slots with WAP Jackpots on the First U.S. Omnichannel Available in New Jersey

There’s great news for casino players within the area of New Jersey State and all those who’ll visit it. IGT, the leading gaming company, released the omnichannel in New Jersey’s casinos. More importantly, this omnichannel comes for the first time in the USA.

Thus, they will inform all readers about the important aspects of this omnichannel in the article. They will explain how this omnichannel works, what games are available, and what prizes are offered. Additionally, they will discuss why some of these New Jersey’s casinos were the first to introduce this omnichannel in the USA.

What Games Are Available on the First Omnichannel in the USA?

It has already been mentioned that IGT released the first omnichannel in the USA, particularly in New Jersey. Casino enthusiasts will easily guess that online slots will be available on this omnichannel.

Those online slots aren’t just any slots. They are IGT’s Wheels of Fortune Slots. There are 18 themes of these slots on this omnichannel. The WAP links allow players to play and save the same game across all available platforms. Also, this WAP link includes all Wheels of Fortune $1 games.

Another important thing is that they’re wide-area progressive jackpots. WAP jackpots accumulate faster if many players are playing the same game at the same time. This means that the wagering requirements are faster to meet, i.e., there are higher chances of winning large amounts.

Playing these slots in omnichannel will change the whole world of casino gaming. In the next chapter, they will discuss omnichannel in gaming to explain what it means for players. Additionally, they will explain how it differs from multichannel casinos.

What Prizes Expect New Jersey Players at the Omnichannel?

New Jersey players can enjoy playing Wheels of Fortunes Slots with WAP jackpots. Thanks to the WAP link, the chances of getting prizes are higher than in other casinos. Playing online casino games is becoming multiplayer, with teams sharing prizes.

Also, thanks to a progressive jackpot, each prize increases with every play in this omnichannel when top prizes aren’t claimed. New Jersey casino players will be glad to hear that IGT’s omnichannel offers a $500,000 reset bonus. In other words, it’ll reset to $500,000 whenever the bonus resets. The minimum winning amount would be $500,000, among the best values in the USA.

What’s an Omnichannel in Gaming?

An omnichannel casino refers to new, customer-oriented casinos, enabling them to play the same game across all platforms, land-based, online, or on mobile devices, without losing any game points and offering a unified experience.

In other words, players can “save” their casino game and continue playing it afterward in another playing mode. It’s a new mode of gaming that many gamers, especially those who enjoy playing games with progressive jackpots, will enjoy.

So, while playing Wheels of Fortune on IGT’s omnichannel in New Jersey, which platform players choose from will be fine, i.e., players can play the same game using different platforms. The IGT’s omnichannel with linked WAP jackpots may make other casinos’ innovations less interesting.

Omnichannel means “all channels at once” – not separated, as it’s in the case with multichannel casinos. Multichannel casinos also offer gaming experiences on various platforms. Still, these platforms are detached, and there’s no connection between those platforms. You can play the same game, but the omnichannel has no saving mode option. Thus, omnichannel casinos will become a new hit soon in the gaming industry because they connect all available playing modes and provide a more customer-oriented experience.

Which Casinos Got the First Omnichannel?

It was the first omnichannel ever, and it is IGT’s omnichannel. It’s called Powerbucks, and it was released in Canada in 2016. It was an instant success.

So far, Canadian players have had luck. In this short period, they’ve won almost 50 jackpots worth more than $CA 1 million. They will see whether US players will have the same luck while spinning the wheels.

What Are the Reasons for Choosing NJ’s Casinos for the First U.S. Omnichannel Ever?

Since 2013, there have been more than 20 online legal casinos in New Jersey. These New Jersey casinos are quite popular among casino players because they offer top-quality games, such as live dealers, slots, table games, video slots and Slingo and bingo.

In support of that, New Jersey’s casinos earned more than $6 billion, given more than $1 billion in taxes. When comparing casinos’ revenue marks in the State, they were first and second best in March and April this year.

In addition, New Jersey State was the first to legalize online casinos in the States in 2013. Another amusing thing is that the latest winning prize is 1.97 million won by playing Extra Chilli Megaways at DraftKings Casino, New Jersey. That also increased progressive jackpot payouts to over $ 8.7 million at DraftKings Casino, NJ.

After all this, it’s unsurprising that IGT chose New Jersey’s casino as the first one in the USA to have an omnichannel with wide area progressive jackpots. This will bring more profit to New Jersey’s casinos and make them the most popular in the USA, if not worldwide.

Are There Any Other IGT Omnichannels Available?

Yey, there is. Canadian players were lucky to try IGT’s omnichannel, which is IGT’s first omnichannel. Since its release in 2016, it has marked outstanding success. Canadian players have been lucky because they’ve won more than CA$1 million, which in terms of jackpots is about 50 jackpots.

IGT’s omnichannel with Wheel of Fortune is the second omnichannel with a wide area progressive jackpot in North America. This is the first-ever omnichannel with slots having linked wide-area progressive jackpots.

IGT’s Omnichannel as the Beginning of the New Casino Era

IGT justified its title as the most distinguishable gaming company in the world, bringing its customers the most pleasurable and unique experience. After Canada, they chose New Jersey State among all other US states to release omnichannel with linked WAP jackpots. IGT’s decision is completely justified after reading about New Jersey’s casinos.

Additionally, IGT proved that it’s a customer-oriented company, i.e., having its clients’ playing needs as the guidance for its improvement. They can hope that IGT will release such an omnichannel all over the USA so that all other US players can enjoy spinning their wheels of fortune.