What Worst Excuses Slot Players Make After Losing The Game?

Slot machines designed in different themes, graphics, and other elements have a volatile payout structure. Some players win the game with big amount while others lose it due to many reasons. If you’re not a specialized player, you’ll never know when you’ll hit the huge win. Lack of knowledge and poor gaming skills make many gamblers to lose the sessions.

Some people accept those losses as natural and proceed while learning from their mistakes. On the other hand, some people have difficulty in admitting their mistakes and give silly excuses for their losses.

Following are some excuses that are nothing but the worst of the bunch. Scroll down to understand how far they are from reality.

The Machine Is Not Lucky For Me

Gamblers do not have any right to reserve the slot machines according to their desires. If a machine of your favorite game is taken by someone else, you cannot use it and you have to take a different one. A specific machine will work the same for all players. Hence, it does not make sense to claim that a player could not get a win just because they don’t get their lucky machine. All gambling sites with INR have slots where results are determined by RNG. So, no machine could be technically lucky.

I Have Not Betted Enough To Win

This is the common excuse that most players give on losing the game. The gamblers who said that they lose because they had not bet enough to win believed that slots are designed to pay based on the betting amount. But, this is not true in a complete way.

Every Player Loses At Slots

Gambling is all about winning and losing. At one hand, where there are lots of big winners, you’ll find some losers on the other side. Some players win huge jackpots worth 6-8 figures and become a millionaire with just a single bet. Plenty of jackpot games is one of the reasons why LeoVegas is popular among players. Hence, it is not good to say that everybody loses at slot machines.

A Site I Have Selected Changed Its RTP

Another excuse that losing players make is that they mistrust the casino and believe that a site has changed its RTP. Some gamblers believe that a site changes its payout percentage during less busy daytime hours and other timings of the day. The reality is that gambling sites can modify payout percentage after undergoing specific protocols set by gambling jurisdictions.

Remember that your win is based on your game knowledge, skills, slot’s RTP & payout, your bankroll management, and other factors. According to Leo Vegas review, this is the best site to play the slot games with improved winning possibilities.

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