Types of Casino Bonuses Explained Once And For All

Most players are actually quite clueless when it comes to understanding promotional offers by the online casino. They get carried away by big numbers and big promises, and sometimes ignore the common sense and the good old due diligence.

That’s why we prepared this article for you, to explain all the nooks and crannies of online casino bonuses (which you can claim by following the link). This will make your gambling sessions much more profitable, and you’ll be able to focus on those promotional offers that really work.

The best promotion is a recurring promotion

Although everyone seems to be looking for a one-time hit, in gambling it’s actually the best choice to focus on those online casinos that give you the best recurring promotions. Behind the scenes, they call these retention offers, because they’re designed to keep you playing with that casino.

These often come in forms of reload bonuses (deposit bonuses you can claim more than once), and similar offers you can claim multiple times. For example, free spins for all players who deposited on Wednesday. Birthday bonus. Tournaments with free spins or deposit bonuses as a reward. Free spins on the new slot game release. These are all excellent offers and you want a casino that gives them away often and in bulk.

VIP programs are the best

And then, there’s a special kind of recurring promotion that flies a bit under the radar. It’s VIP clubs, VIP programs, loyalty programs or whatever the casino calls them.

These will be particularly useful if you’re a high roller, but you don’t necessarily have to be. What’s important here is that every bet you make amounts to something, and eventually all the bets you’ve made pile up to make you a certain VIP level.

When you become that VIP level you will be enjoying various perks such as those retention offers mentioned in the previous paragraph. You might even get your personal concierge, maybe you get invited to VIP-only events, a cruise even. Sky is the limit. The key takeaway here is that you’re better off spending 10,000 of your money at a casino where that amounts to something – some VIP status – than to just spend it without anyone caring about it.

Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses are great for getting the customer through the door, though it has to be a motivated customer that already has a gambling budget. You normally double your deposit up to a certain amount, and then have to play in the casino for a while before you’re allowed to withdraw your bonus. Most people choose to play online slots because the table games don’t count anyway, or contribute to the playthrough requirements minimally. The key here is to play a good slot machine!

Free spins

Free spins are a bit tricky to make money on, even if they sound awesome. Yes, you do get 100 or 200 free spins on some cool game, but when you finally end up making a profit of €1.46 you have to play through those winnings in the casino. Meaning, you have to spend that money on slots many times before you can withdraw anything.

You can’t expect to reliably win some money every time you get free spins. The trick here is to simply treat the free spins as free tickets to win big. You won’t care about €1.46, what you want is a free chance to win that €5000 mega win. And that’s what free spins are good for. A chance to win big, plus a free way to test out the slot machine for a few hundred spins.


Welcome bonuses, the most tempting type of casino bonus, aren’t really that great as you can only claim them once per casino. It’s the retention offers that matter, and VIP clubs can make you feel like a true VIP. Free spins are an excellent way to play for free and maybe win big, but they’re no good for winning small amounts of money.

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