The impacts of online gaming in the gambling industry in Malaysia

The Digital Revolution has had a major impact on all aspects of human life and the gambling industry has not been exempted. It is a relief for gambling enthusiasts to know that they no longer have to make countless trips to casinos and other gaming arcades but can enjoy playing their favorite games at the convenience of their computers or mobile devices. Humans are inherently risk takers and this aspect has fueled the popularity of gambling making innovators to come up with different ways of making the game as convenient and accessible as possible. This article highlights the changing trends in the gambling world and the impacts it has on the gamblers of Malaysia.

Mobile gaming Apps

An average, a person spends at least 190 minutes per day on their mobile phones. One will be either browsing through the internet or performing other activities using the apps found in the cell phones. A substantial number of web users are mobile gamers who are fascinated by the convenience that comes with gambling using a mobile device. The mobile gaming platform is a multi-billion industry thanks to its accessibility to people from all walks of life and especially the young generation.

These gaming apps and sites will bring the floors of casinos in your living room with their specialized features and a wide range of games to choose from. It is interesting to note that both the Google play store and the Apple App store get the largest percentage of their revenues from the gaming apps. Online gambling Malaysia contributes significantly to this revenue followed by players in North America.

Effects of social media

Social media is a very powerful tool and gambling companies have understood this truth and used it to their advantage. Countless hours are spent on these sites doing one activity or the other and betting companies have utilized this opportunity to advertise on these popular platforms and direct traffic to their online sites.

Since celebrities command a huge following in most social media sites, popular online casinos such as PokerStars and Bodog spend hundreds of dollars in a bid to convince these celebrities to promote their sites and make them more appealing to the people. Celebrities make gambling sites more credible and attractive to revelers.

How are these changes affecting the Malaysian gambling industry?

In the past, Malaysians had very limited access to gambling largely because of Sharia law which is very strict when it comes to betting.  With the permeability of online gambling websites, locals can now play their game at peace without worrying about the ever-prying eyes of the government. Online sites have given the people a perfect opportunity to play games on international platforms without the fear of being prosecuted. Both the seasoned gamblers and the keen beginners have the opportunity to hone their skills through the internet and even participate in award-winning tournaments.

With the rapid technological advancement and more innovations, the online gambling industry is in for more changes that will make it even more appealing to the younger generation. The future can only be brighter for this platform.

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