How to Win at Gambling using Your Zodiac Sign?


Whether you consider yourself a casual casino visitor or a regular, the desire to win more than you lose is natural. It’s smart to try to gain every advantage possible before playing to give yourself the best shot at winning. You’ve probably watched some videos to learn basic game rules and strategies. You may have read some online casino reviews or visited a casino and watched as others played, trying to pick up techniques or tips that you can apply. But don’t discount the tendencies tied to your astrological zodiac sign—it can give you an extra advantage! Check out more specifics about your sign below:


The competitive nature of an Aries can be an asset in the casino if kept under some control. Poker is a great game for Aries, taking advantage of typical stubbornness and the spirit of competition to keep a player engaged and active in the game.


If you are a Taurus sign, you probably find yourself to be a conservative gambler. You’re willing to take the long road to win, working on small-win or even-money betting rather than a big hit. Roulette is a popular option, with many betting approaches that take minimal risk and operate on a slower-win model.


Do you find that as a Gemini, you’re always looking for an adrenaline rush? Games that help you hone your skill but still give you a thrill are right up your alley—check out roulette or craps for a great time.


Cancers typically enjoy a more socially isolated situation, making online gambling options ideal. Anything that gives them the time to think through their decisions in low-pressure situations are good choices for Cancers.


Like the lion, their sign evokes awe. Leos are generally fearless when it comes to gambling. They are full of self-confidence, sure of their ability to outplay any game to win for themselves. Games that involve domination over other players are the most attractive to Leos, including blackjack and live poker whenever possible.


Virgos tend to be dedicated to the strategy of a game, sometimes to the frustration of others involved. They may spend the maximum time allowed deliberating over a poker move to ensure they have examined the possibilities from all angles. Any games involving strategies, such as blackjack, poker or baccarat, are strong options for those born under this sign.


While its astrological symbol is one of balance, Librans typically exude the opposite when it comes to gambling. Strategic thinking can make them swing unexpectedly from one extreme to another. While this can make them a challenging opponent in games such as poker, it’s not the best option for their own success. A better option is to channel your artistic side and enjoy the rich graphics of higher-end slot machines.


If you’re a Scorpio, you probably tend to make decisions and stick to them no matter what. Slot machines are a great option for those with this sign, since you are more at ease with pressing forward with a strategy toward the progressive or long-term bonuses, and are unlikely to get nervous and change course.


The eternal optimist – Sagittarius! There is obviously an inherent risk in believing that the next hand or spin will be the big one. One key for those with this sign is keeping a handle on the budget, planning ahead how much you’re willing to lose before calling it quits for the day. When you do play, games that don’t allow for huge losses are the best, such as small-stakes slot machines or online bingo.


Capricorns tend to be one of the more even-keeled signs for gamblers, often planning for all win/loss scenarios before even beginning a betting session. With planning tendencies like this, Capricorns should avoid games such as live poker with its unpredictability from other players. Better options would be baccarat or blackjack, where there is limited-to-no need to read other players, leaving you to work your gambling plan without unexpected interference.


Eccentricity is one of the key traits of an Aquarius, which can be used to your advantage if you choose the right game at the casino! You’re good at thinking on your feet and adapting quickly to changing situations. With a game like live poker, you can be absolutely unpredictable, which can pay out big in the end.


A common trait among Pisceans is letting emotion take too much control of their actions—a definite risk in certain gambling situations! But if you can select games that tend to reduce emotional decision-making, then you might perform better. Games such as an immersive, storytelling slot machine game can be just right for those with this sign.

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