Gambling: Addiction OrObsession?

Every second in this ever changing world, more and more people look for different sets of alternatives to resuscitate themselves. Today’s scenario is changing as we are getting more home bound persons. We prefer something in our own arena. Online Gambling is one of such things which creates an adrenaline rush in our heads. Gamblers can play poker, blind and many other games as per their choices. The recent developments in the market of data is alarming and making a loop of events.

With the advancement of the technology people get easier access to gambling. Remarkably, there has been an increase in online players and provided applications on the network. Mobile phones and tablets were the most commonly utilized platform for gambling. There are chunks of websites already making their way between adults and youth. A whopping 20% college students play online poker at least once a month. The keys to the business accomplishment of the internet gambling model are transparent. It doesn’t require much stuffs and still people feel like they were playing in conventional gambling clubs. Globally it is now worth an estimated $30 billion.

Why We Gamble?

We are living in a world where we feel uneasy at times and to deal with all this we go through the various phases of escapism through our monotonous life. The primary one is to surf the internet and find something amusing which feeds to gills of our needs. Due to this, many were caught in the web of hunger for exciting things through gambling in hope of speedy money in their hands.

With this they bring their calmness to escape the moving world and their responsibilities.


  • The insatiable need of something exciting.
  • Peer Pressure
  • To repay sometimes earlier loans.

Researchs show that people who begin gambling at an early age are at increased chance of addiction.

Gambling Addiction  

We create a lot of risk factors which narrows down to the addiction to Online Gambling. It left a deep imprint on our minds resulting to changes in our behaviour patterns. It is difficult to ascertain the severity of this addiction. Online websites are providing the rewards and offer loyalty programmes to engage more and more people as a future customers.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Planning ways to collect more money to gamble.
  • Getting impatient often which leads to irritability.
  • Fear of getting caught in a web of lie.

Treatment & Help

There is no other way to treat the addiction unless the person who is suffering can see the harm brought to one’s life. They may deny facts sometimes. Some of the things which help them are listed below:

  • There are rehabilitation centres offering treatment in a peaceful environment.
  • Counsellors can help a lot to change cognitive disorders and behaviour patterns.

With the onset of more technology driven world, people tend to spend most of their time with mobiles and computers. The constant urge to go back to Online Gambling may create problems in the recovery. Mental health professionals are recognising the magnitude and impact of Online Gambling among the younger generation. There is a serious concern to examine and to respond the issues our adolescents facing because of their compulsive behaviour. Prevention consists of increasing knowledge and awareness of the risk of being cheated online among youths. Visit for more details.

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