Best life hacks one can learn from rummy

Rummy is a classical game that has been played by the card game lovers for centuries. Be it at home with family, with friends or at a casino, rummy has always been a game that has enriched the players in various ways. One such way that rummy positively impacts those who play it is by imparting some critical life lessons that help players even when they are not playing the game. Truly, the application of these skills in any walk of life, whether personal or professional really helps make the difference between success and failure.

Here are some of these life hacks.

Being attentive

A lot of times we are faced with a situation in life where we wish we had paid more attention to something. It could be a class for our most dreaded subject, something the doctor said about our test results, or even something as simple as listening to our boss’s instructions carefully. Often, the difference between understanding something and not understanding something is the kind of attention we paid to it.

Paying utmost attention to what’s important is something that rummy teaches us beautifully. When you are compelled to notice what cards have been discarded and what cards have been picked up, and even something as minor as the way your opponent’s expression changes when they see a card, you learn how to assess the situation and realise how important paying attention can be.

Decision Making

We often know have the right focus and intention to turn a situation to our advantage, but sometimes our decision making is poor and that makes us lose out on opportunities. Sometimes we are too slow to decide whereas at other times we are just unable to decide anything at all.

The Game of Rummy also known as rammy or rammi is such that instant decisions need to be made. As soon you are dealt a hand you need to decide if it’s time to show or wait. After every turn you have to decide which card to discard. Each of these decisions is taken after examining all aspects of the game carefully. This skill helps in other areas of life as well and makes us a better decision maker overall.


None of us can claim to have the perfect memory. We tend to remember certain things that stick to our mind whereas we forget almost everything else. How many of us remember phone numbers or birthdays any more? We have so much dependence on technology that we can’t remember anything at all unless we set reminders.

Playing rummy really helps sharpen the memory. Throughout every game many cards are picked and discarded. By carefully observing these cards, one can very well make out the kind of hand the other person is holding. However, merely observing is not enough. One also needs to remember the cards picked or discarded a few turns ago. This need automatically makes players memorise these details and ultimately help sharpen memory in general.

Playing Rummy Card Games such as rummy not online provide a lot of entertainment and enjoyment, they also impart some really useful character traits that are critical for success in life. No other game can help acquire these skills in such a direct and entertaining manner. These life hacks are often the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person.