4 Online Poker Tips for 6 Max Games

When it comes to online cash games, short-handed games are where the action is. This is where the fishes are found and where pots are larger. These are the games you want to play in because it’s where you can expect to find the most value and hope of securing a decent hourly rate. In contrast, the full ring poker games are tighter, smaller pots and filled with rakeback grinders who are eeking out a small profit due to rakeback schemes that reward them for endlessly grinding. In this post, we’re going to offer a few helpful tips on how to have a better chance of beating the 6 max Texas Hold’em games online.

1] Use Hand Selection Charts

One of the big leak’s poker players have been their tendency to play too many hands. Not only that, but they are inconsistent in the hands they play based on seating. All poker experts attest that solid hand selection is essential to becoming a winner. You can’t profitably play ace three from under the gun so don’t bother trying. If you’re new to Texas Hold’em, hand selection charts may seem a myster, we recommend you download a free poker cheat sheet from a reputable poker training site first. After that, look for some decent hand selection charts. They will detail the types of hands you can play and from what position. Over time, these charts will be intuitive but keep them nearby initially.

2] Own Late Position

The best online poker players understand the power of position and are using it their advantage all the time. You need to do likewise by owning the later positions i.e. the cut off seat and the button. It’s important you don’t pass up profitable scenarios or play too many tables. Playing profitably from late position is knowing when to overcall multi-way pots, speculating with suited connectors, bluff raising favourable flops and making creative 3 bets in position. All these little moves can help you generate more earnings in late position.

3] Too Many Regs? Move…

As stated before, there are loads of weak players in the short-handed games. Therefore, you don’t want to be wasting time battling it out with opponents who are of similar calibre. Ego’s can destroy your pride and bankroll so don’t be afraid to move table if the game is in the muck. You can tell when this is the case if there are no fishes at your table and everyone is playing a solid game. There are so many games running that there is no excuse for staying in a tough game. Get up and move if you find the game hard to beat.

4] Mix it Up

When you sit with five other players you get to know how each other play pretty quickly. Playing a robotic style of play is predictable and easy to beat. This is something even experienced players fall into the trap of. Even a beginner can tell if you bet ½ pot on value hands at the river and full pot on bluffs. The secret or trick is to mix it up and be unpredictable so you get paid off more. If you confuse your opponents, you’re doing something right. This may seem contrary to some advice where a GTO approach of betting the same regardless of hand strength is better but trust us, in the lower stake’s games, an exploitative style of play is likely to work better.

Featured Image Source: Freepik